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BS EN ISO 4618-1 Terms and definitions for Coating Materials - Part 1- General Terms


ISO 4618:2014 defines terms used in the field of coating materials (paints, varnishes and raw materials for paints and varnishes). Terms relating to specific applications and properties are dealt with in standards concerning those applications and properties, e.g. corrosion protection, coating powders.


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Corrosion in Systems for Storage and Transportation of Petroleum products an Biofuels


This book treats corrosion as it occurs and affects processes in real-world situations, and thus points the way to practical solutions. Topics described include the conditions in which petroleum products are corrosive to metals; corrosion mechanisms of petroleum products; which parts of storage tanks containing crude oils and petroleum products undergo corrosion; dependence of corrosion in tanks on type of petroleum products; aggressiveness of petroleum products to polymeric material;

Alec Groysman

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Essentials of Coating, Painting and Lining for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries


This book is a great contribution to the corrosion literature in the crucial area of the coating, painting and lining in the oil and gas industries. It offers a full coverage of key topics in the corrosion protection with special focus on oil and gas industries, as well as covering some topics rarely discussed and hard to find in the literature.

Alireza Bahadori, Ph.D.

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NACE 80200 Preparation of Protective Coating Specifications for Atmospheric Service SSPC TR-4


It provides a general description of a specification, as well as a review of the contents of a specification; the typical selection of protective coatings; and the establishment of job and inspection requirements.


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