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Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the optimization.

Our mission is to support our clients/partners to maximize the value of their assets in the operation value chain, through innovative solutions. By conducting all necessary activities including Inspections/testing and/or temporary Repairs (as necessary) to ensure optimum decisions.

Our Vision

At AAIS, We’re committed to build a world-class Organization where health, safety and the environment are integrated into every part of our activities, We assume our team are one family and provide them all support to ensure their Competency. We believe that continual improvement and the quality journey cannot be stopped if we are working together and consider the integration as the key element to success.

Our Responsibility

AAIS is committed to managing our efforts, and contribution positively to reduce the contamination of the environment.

Our Services

At AAIS, We are making our utmost efforts to continually provide all Customers/Clients/Partner's needs to exceed their Expectations. 

Engineering Design

Engineering Design

AAIS provides Engineering Design for both Onshore & Offshore industries including Basis of Engineering, (Front End, Detail) Engineering Design.

Inspection Services

Inspection Services

AAIS offers a wide range of Inspection Services to Onshore & Offshore industries to ensure Equipment Integrity.

Asset Integrity Management

Asset Integrity Management

Managing the integrity of the physical assets including periodic Maintenance, Turnaround Inspection , renewal, and maintaining records .

Welding Consultancy, Training & Testing

Welding Consultancy, Training & Testing

AAIS is one of the CWQS (Common Welder Qualification Scheme) Approved Qualification Test Centers .

NDT & Advanced NDT

NDT & Advanced NDT

AAIS Vision is to be one of the world’s leading providers of Non-Destructive Testing, Inspection, and Advisory Services to the Oil & Gas Industries.

Technical Training & Certification

Technical Training & Certification

AAIS Passion to serve the Oil & Gas industry and the quest to develop highly skilled Personnel in the field of Quality Engineering and NDT.

Why choose us

We’re continually working to change the way people think about and engage with our products.

  • Safety

    AAIS is loyal to safety and security, the reduction of hazards and protecting people, property is one of the most important aims.

  • Integrity

    At AAIS, we looking to earn the trust and respect of our stakeholders with honesty, fairness, and by honoring our commitments.

  • Performance

    At AAIS, we focus on delivery of long-term and sustainable value, in addition to our commitment regarding continual improvement and reliability.

  • Service

    At AAIS, we make every effort to continually provide all customers/clients/partner’s needs, exceeding their expectations.


We are Building the Future and Restoring




Establishing appropriate measurement criteria and monitoring performance indicators considering the critical equipment and activities .


Investment in both personal and professional, through experience transfer, training and educational to ensure high competencies in performing assignments considering safely, effectively, and efficiently.


Complying with all applicable laws, standards, regulatory and internal requirements, and best practices, this will support our proper assessment and correct decision.

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