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α-Phe AIMS

The primary objective of α-Phe AIMS is to deliver Asset Integrity “Software” System that is best in class, customized to meet the company’s AIMS requirement and one that is their very own.

α-phe Platform

A modern and comprehensive cloud based database application platform. Prototype, Build, Test and Deploy your application in lightening speed.

α-phe SIMS

The main objective of a Structural Integrity Management System is to record data, evaluate, build strategy and programs by allowing quick screening of structural damage, provides a combination of unique features focused on managing the integrity of offshore structures.


A modern and comprehensive cloud based Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) platform that can be deployed with optimum efficiency. The main objective of a Pipeline Integrity Management System is to record data, evaluate, build strategy and programs by allowing quick screening of pipeline threats, provides a combination of unique features focused on managing the integrity of onshore and offshore pipelines. The cloud based / web based PIMS system has access to massive information and documentation in addition to several inspection and evaluation tools, the PIMS software can be deployed to offshore facilities having inter-field pipelines, onshore facilities with transportation pipelines and stations which are managed by other AIMS modules. α-phe PIMS follows the International Standards like ASME, ISO, DNV.

  • Manage Onshore and Offshore Pipelines.
  • Manage Pipeline assets with Segmentation and Sub Segmentation.
  • Manage design and process data related to pipelines.
  • Risk based Inspection (RBI) for Onshore Pipelines and Offshore Pipelines.
  • Planning inspection campaigns for different inspection methods.
  • Recording of inspection data for multiple years for different inspection methods.
  • Anomaly management of pipelines using the standardised anomaly management process.
  • Record Monitored data for minimum the following inspection methods.
  • Intelligent Pigging.
  • Cathodic Protection.
  • Crossing survey.
  • Free span.
  • ROV Results and Clip Movies.
  • Pipeline Certificate Inspections.
  • Data trending of inspection data.
  • Preparation of Alignment Sheet with different data sets across pipeline and different years.
  • Visualise pipeline data in maps, show onshore and offshore pipelines.
  • Fully configurable to show any pipeline data.
  • Different anomaly codes can be highlighted with color and patterns.
  • RBI Risk can be plotted by segments, highlights critical segments and drill down to more information of the segments.
  • Integrates with any module and screen seamlessly.
  • Drill down from maps to any related data and graphs.
  • Zoom, Pan and select a area on the map.
  • Easily plot pipeline with simple import of route data using excel files.
  • Data points on/off facility from the map itself, allows to see all pipeline and individual pipelines.

α-phe PIMS manages design information for the pipelines. Pipeline is segmented based on various attributes. Pipeline and segments will store the pipeline and segment information, such as water depth, date of installation, material information, ROW details, GPS Locations, KP start and End etc

Integrates with any external system clients have using the standard integration gateway α-phe platform has.

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