This course is meant to provide a thorough understanding of the engineering information required for In-Service Pressure Vessel Inspection (API 510), as well as proper preparation for the examination. This preparatory course will cover the fundamentals of pressure vessel design, with a concentration on the API body’s test syllabus. It contains all of the code parts alluded to by the API 510 committee, to the extent that they are required from an inspection standpoint.

This training will clarify the underlying intentions of all code sections, teach participants how to interpret code rulings, and increase their confidence in making judgements. The course includes five key topics: basic pressure vessel design engineering (ASME Sec VIII Div. 1), in-service inspection techniques (API 510/ 572/ 576/ 577), in-service degradation mechanisms (API 571), retirement thickness calculations, and other aspects of Run-Repair-Replace decisions. The participants will receive detailed, illustrated course notes.